Luxe Lessons – Tips Interior Projects

Planning How long will the project take? I’m always shoked that people are shocked at the duration of design projects. Just beacuse HGTV and the rabit reels of IG DIYers show it in record time, is ZERO indication of reality. How boring would it be, so watch a video of someone planning out your project […]

Luxe Look – Lotus Kitchen

SLEEK KITCHEN GL Selections and Mosaic Luxe Shop List Before I moved to Florida full-time in 2016, I had never heard of a “GL Home.” However, with the relentless growth and top-shelf amenities, I quickly found myself incorporating one into my portfolio. I was referred to a cousin of a childhood friend. I met her […]

Mosaic Milestones – Celebrating 25

CELEBRATE How did 25 years go so fast? Before Mosaic Luxe, I shaped my office, sales and design skills in positions as: Office Admin throughout Chicago Retail Sales at Banana Republic Home Intern at MTV and Victoria Hagen Top seller with boutique European Showrooms Gallery Manager for 20th c. Art 2010 – HGTV Design Star […]