Mosaic Luxe Process

Mosaic Luxe works within a signature Four-Phase-Process. From consult to completion, the phases commit to keeping our relationship, your style and needs, projects timeline and overall budget at the forefront of each decision.

It starts with thinking big, learning your needs are and giving care and concern down to the smallest detail.

We seek out the right pieces and vendors to help create your inspirational, aspirational and customized home. We will use Pinterest, magazine images, mood boards, and showroom to inspire us to find the right pieces that suit your home.

When it comes time to make the purchasing decisions, we review your selections multiple times prior to placing any orders. For Mosaic Luxe, it is paramount that your selections and budget are inline with each other.

While the work is in motion, Mosaic Luxe works with a to-the-trade receiver who will receive, inspect and install items purchased. Once the home has been constructed and professional cleaned, we set your project for a grand reveal.

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