Mosaic Luxe

Stacey Cohen

Celebrating 25 Years of Design

Stacey is a third-generation everything – from work to living, what she knows, she learned around the family table. Happy to share her insights on design trends, cooking tips, and life logistics, she is most happy in homes, learning, laughing, and creating, both hers and yours.

A graduate of Parsons New School in Interior Design, Stacey’s journey took her from competing on HGTV Design Star to establishing herself in homes across the country, from bustling cities to tranquil suburbs.

Celebrating 25 years in the business in 2024, she focuses on South Florida, enjoying the diverse opportunities to work with a national and international clientele.

In 2020, Stacey revamped Mosaic Luxe’s workflow, introducing a Four-Phase process that enhances efficiency in every project. Embracing virtual collaboration early in, she has earned the respect and loyalty of assistants, vendors, and contractors, who value her commitment and readily recommend Mosaic Luxe to others.

Columbia College Chicago
The New School Parsons
HGTV Design Star