Luxe Look – Lotus Kitchen


GL Selections and Mosaic Luxe Shop List

Before I moved to Florida full-time in 2016, I had never heard of a “GL Home.” However, with the relentless growth and top-shelf amenities, I quickly found myself incorporating one into my portfolio.

I was referred to a cousin of a childhood friend. I met her and her husband at the “selection” showroom within the under-construction Lotus neighborhood. The showroom was gorgeous, with top-of-the-line options. They had already selected the home, but were overwhelmed with the options. It has become a game of coordination within the showroom and homes of GL communities. Prior to taking the upgrade and options one may see in a neighbor’s home, many homeowners try to figure out how to make it more custom. I quickly learned the ins and outs of which credits to take, which upgrades to choose, and which upgrades to leave for later.

Here are some common scenarios homeowners consider:
(A) Upgrade nothing and take a credit on every possible item**: For the Certificate of Occupancy, certain materials need to be in place (e.g., kitchen cabinets, countertops, and appliances but not hardware). After moving in, they tear out the basic kitchen, relocate the cabinets to the garage or laundry room, and install a custom kitchen. This allows them to repurpose basic materials and customize the home later.

(B) Upgrade everything with GL on-site**: This approach allows homeowners to move in and only add minor touches later.

These strategies allow homeowners to personalize their space while managing costs and upgrades effectively.

Mosaic Luxe Shops the Mosaic Luxe Lines

I tell my clients, unless you just sold your internet company, let’s keep the budget in mind. We like to live in the Mosaic Luxe price point. When we need to go with a Lotta option or a lLte option ,we do so.

I like my clients to feel comfortable in knowning out design choices will allow for the budget to complete the entire house.


Lustrous Aura Chandelier
Baroque Pedals Tile
Suzanne Counter Stool
Nest Studio Collection


Swami Large Pendant
Kaikos Skinny Chevron
Kamdyn Counter Stool
Bowman Drawer Pull


Sculpted Cage Pendant
Petal Mosaic Tile
Mountufar Bar Stool
Ravinte Cabinet Handles

What We Did in the Kitchen

Option C

Do a combination of upgrades and credits.

This required a lot of planning.

While working with the selections showroom, we also prepared for “after move-in” construction and design details.

In the kitchen, we added a soffit over the island to hide the split junction box, turning one pendant into two. We completed the look with a backsplash and new handles.

The back of the island wall was painted dark brown to hide future shoe marks.

Additionally, we added a column between the kitchen cabinets and a new built-in desk, which helped seeate the spaces.