Luxe Lessons – Tips Interior Projects


How long will the project take?

I’m always shoked that people are shocked at the duration of design projects.

Just beacuse HGTV and the rabit reels of IG DIYers show it in record time, is ZERO indication of reality.

How boring would it be, so watch a video of someone planning out your project in a calendar?  You would probaly rather watch paint dry… (which you will, at some point in your project)

This is how we plan every project at Mosaic Luxe

If you are doing your own Project Management, take notes, or download the PDF below.

One of the biggest keys that I am a stickler for:
Select all the materials for the project before ordering

The second key:
Create a project schedule with the GC to determine the length of the project.

Mosaic Luxe’s four Phases

Let’s start planning:

Phase 1 – Design & Discovery
• Create a Pinterest board and pin everything your heart and eyes are drawn to. (Items can be deleted later, but super hard to find once you’ve closed out of product windows.
• Work with the vendors to learn about the product nuances.
• Make a spreadsheet and list all all the materials/ products need for the project.
• Obtain GC quote, Architect quote and drawings, Oversee submittal of Permits.
• Review property to address any and all unforeseen issues and to repair, replace or restore.
• Create a project schedule to incorporate all trades and materials.

Phase 2 – Estimating & Proposal
• Obtains quotes and estimate for products and additional labor.
• In your spreadsheet, breakdown the costs of each quote/ estimate to make sure you are on budget.
• Review and approve proposals and estimate. Read the fine print and understand additional costs and return policies.
• Make plans for receiving the items whether it be with the GC or to a storage unit.
• Once you approve all the items with those involved with your project, then place all the orders.

Phase 3 – Ordering & Expedition
• Materials needed for the GC during construction can be sent to your home, the GC
warehouse, the local vendor for the GC to pick up
• Custom items are delivered and installed by the vendor the order was placed with.

Phase 4 – Installation
• Construction materials are being installed throughout the process.
• WAIT until the construction is complete and a post- construction cleaning is complete before having any new home decor delivered.