Stacey Cohen, interior designer and principal of Mosaic Luxe Interior Design, sitting in a luxurious living room she designed.

Principal Interior Designer

Stacey Cohen has 20+ years of experience in project management and interior design, happy clients all across the country, and a degree in interior architecture. Stacey is LEED-AP certified and designs for intelligent, successful people who have worked hard their whole life and just want to enjoy their time in the sun when they come to Florida. That’s why she’s made it her mission to deliver on time, every time for each one of her clients and make sure their home looks and functions exactly the way they envisioned.

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Get It Done Right, The First Time

When you arrive at your home in South Florida, it’s likely a place to get away from the hustle and bustle. It’s a place to relax, recharge, and entertain friends and family. 

But what happens when your primary home or vacation property is in need of a little TLC? You can’t very well put your life on hold to go oversee the renovations, but who can you trust? 

Of course it’s tempting to hire a general contractor who promises to save you money, but the real thing to consider is;

‘What’s the cost of doing this project twice or maybe even three times over?’

Unfortunately, in Florida, this is an all too common story. Many homeowners who trusted a contractor to ‘manage’ a project find themselves with inflated costs and unmet deadlines. 

The only foolproof way to avoid this anguish is to make sure you hire the right person

  • Someone who works with vetted and qualified vendors and tradespeople. 
  • Someone who specializes in project management for snowbirds renovating their second homes
  • Someone who can drive your project to completion, make your budget go further, and deliver on time.
  • Someone who is a pillar of her community and makes sure her clients feel truly welcome here.

If these things matter to you, you have to put someone like Stacey Cohen in charge because it all comes down to leadership. The biggest difference between an interior designer and a general contractor is intent.

A good designer, like Stacey, with an interior architecture degree from Parsons, is motivated to see your ideas come to life. Most general contractors are mainly concerned with where their next deposit comes from and who owes them money. When you hire an experienced interior designer with a sterling reputation, you ensure that your project is managed by someone that shares your goals and can execute your vision. 

What our clients are saying...

"I cast Stacey because she is a great designer, she's outspoken and auditioned with a killer video. Stacey impressed me with her character, her drive and her design skills, It was a no brainer to offer her a spot the show. "

Kevin H. HGTV Design Star Producer, New York

"Stacey took our dated, two story colonial and turned it into the modern, warm family home of our dreams. Stacey’s architecture background was evident in the redesign of the home's layout - taking the house from 1984 to modern day."

Aaron & Amy Highland Park, IL

"Stacey is amazingly creative. She has an extraordinary talent that allowed me to sit back without stress and let her design. She has an incredible patience and makes the process fun and interesting.."

Amir Los Angeles, CA

"Stacey is passionate about design, especially green design. Her designs are clean, comfortable, and sophisticated. Her energetic personality is an asset to any project."

Amy M. Designer, Second Chance Art & Accessories

"Stacey really learned our taste and how to make things creative and functional in some of the more unusual spaces we've lived in. We tried other designers but they truly paled in comparison. I have worked with several other designers in the past Stacey stands way out from the crowd."

Beth & Jeremy Los Angeles, CA

"From the moment Stacey walked into my house she knew me. She was relaxed, enthusiastic and I am not sure how, but she knew what was in my head and how to make it all happen for me. From that day, I wasn't any longer frustrated, overwhelmed, second guessing myself."

Denise Chicago, IL

"Stacey is a great partner fit – a conceptual thinker with strong visual results. Stacey has the patience to accommodate clients with high standards, the vision to create sophisticated spaces, and a passion to manifest spaces."

Doodle Home Design Partnership

"Stacey worked hard to connect with us on a personal level and quickly eased our fears or stereotypes we had of the pushy, pretentious designer."

Erin & Matt Los Angeles, CA

"We love our home designed by Stacey. She interpreted our desires into reality, we could not be happier. Originally planned as a second home, we love it so much, we are making it our number one!"

Ellen & Stephen Boca Raton, FL

"In Home Care, a leading provider of senior care for over 60 years, needed a designer who truly understood the challenges of senior care. Stacey’s passion for the project can be felt without words, and following that pattern her design speaks for itself. "

In Home Care Midwest, USA
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