Mosaic Luxe Interior Design

For the Love of South Florida Design

South Florida homes are effortlessly chic, glossy and timeless All while being warm and welcoming for your everyday enjoyment and holiday visitors. They are aspirational, inspirational and soaked in sunshine. From my first visit to my grandparents condo in 1978, I have coveted this style and dreamt about working alongside this clientele.

At 20, I knew on instinct, how to balance the tonal aesthetic of our tropical state, with the earthy colors of the sand and rainbow hues of our ever changing sky. As I enter into my 25th year, I am fortunate to work with clients that desire this look and proud of the portfolio of work we have created together.

At the heart of all new design projects,  Mosaic Luxe loves the interactive nature of interior designing, especially with clients ready to take chances.  When creating and discovering how we will approach custom designs for each client, we seek out new products  and fresh approaches to the materials application.

Weekly, vendors send boxes of new samples and links to their newest lines. We’re building on design principles by combining creative trends and modern technology,  to build something new and unique. Since design is constantly evolving, similar to the new South Florida, it excites us when a a product, new to market, is a perfect fit for a client open to being the first to try something new.

Collaboration on Day 1

Collaboration is ongoing at Mosaic Luxe. Long standing relationships with preferred vendors, puts your project in motion as soon as we begin. Our internal, virtual and support teams brings expertise, insight, and a touch of humor to every interaction.

From the very first consultation to the final touches of your design project, Mosaic Luxe prioritizes building strong connections with our clients, vendors and contractors.

No client or home is the same, we know how to work with the constants of the process and flow with the variables. Most importantly, we know how to explain these points along the way to you.

We recognize the significance of the emotions and circumstances that accompany each project and we approach every interaction with empathy and insight.

Whether we are discussing design options or troubleshooting any challenges that may arise, our approachable and friendly demeanor fosters open communication and trust.

Design is our first love, but logistics is a close second

Mosaic Luxe drives projects within our signature four-phase process.

Our commitment to collaboration extends beyond the created aspect and into the practicality of project management. We empathize with the homeowners who are overwhelmed with the sheer logistics of this endeavor, from selections to construction, it is a lot to take on. Stacey’s 20+ years on job sites provide the insight to gauge issues and find solutions as they may arise.

Please visit our contact page to learn how our signature four-phase process guides us from consultation to completion.