December is here, and with it came along the perfect amount of holiday cheer needed to get us through the last few weeks of 2020 (anything helps, right?). There are so many traditions, both old and new, that can commemorate this season; while the holidays this year feel far from the norm, there are still ways for us to have fun at home regardless of what (or how) you choose to celebrate. That’s why we have decided to round up the best of the best of the holiday season in terms of interior decor, outdoor displays, DIYs, and delectable recipes! Whether you observe Christmas or Hanukkah, are over the top or understated, and are a craft queen or a do-it-yourself newbie, there is some inspiration out there for everyone.


The kitchen is typically the heart of any home, and during this festive time of year it can be renovated or refreshed to bring about even more holiday cheer! Whether you choose to purchase a new backsplash, countertop, or cabinet hardware; DIY with some paint and wallpaper; or simply perform a deep clean to organize the space while you’re at it – there are a variety of ways to spruce up your kitchen for the holidays. Even adding cheerful elements such as festive dish towels, holiday-themed tablecloths, or subtle splashes of seasonal colors can make a drastic impact on the ambiance and bring about more joy for all.


If nothing else, the holiday decor is known for its exquisite lights. From simple outdoor icicles to full-on blow-up character villages, there is no better way to let your neighbors (or space, if you’re the Clark Griswold type) know that you’re in the holiday spirit than spicing up your home’s exterior. Some people even go as far as syncing up their outdoor displays with radio stations, offering a show to all who pass by. Which are you, Pinterest chic, or full-on holiday boom?