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Usually, when you begin working with an interior design professional, you already have your home and are looking for help creating your ideal aesthetic from the inside out. But sometimes, you need to do a little more than take a trip to West Elm for those Pinterest-worthy furniture pieces; the kitchen cabinet style may not totally match with your vision, or maybe the bathroom hasn’t seen an update since you were in diapers. These problems are definitely fixable, but they can cost you a pretty penny without the proper guidance. Luckily, the Mosaic Luxe team has the experience to help you through even your wildest home renovation ideas. Here are some of the most popular remodeling project costs in the design world right now. Which one would be first on your list? 

    1. Without the right style and color scheme, bathroom designs can become drab FAST (pink subway tiles and carpet, anyone?) which is why they are the most popular home renovation project in the country. At a first glance, redoing your loo may seem like a simple project; replace some tile, add new lighting fixtures, and voila! New bathroom! But Remodeling Magazine’s Cost vs. Value 2019 annual report has shown that that’s not always the case; high-end remodels can cost upwards of $64,000, while the median lies at around $20,000.
      1. Bathroom renovations costs can shoot up as a result of one thing: plumbing. When doing these projects, you need to accept some of the limitations and open your mind to new purchasing avenues. There are so many big-box, budget-friendly products on the market that can elevate your bathroom renovations, so why not use them?
    1. Your kitchen is one of the largest central spaces in your home that is used daily (or almost daily, for those who see their ovens as extra storage space). But when it comes to remodeling, appliance costs, cabinets, and even proper lighting can cause the cost of this popular renovation project to skyrocket. Costs range from $22,000 for basic renovations and climb to $131,000 for more luxurious alterations.
      1. Kitchen renovations are similar to bathrooms in the way that plumbing issues can really hike up your costs. Appliances can also bust budgets as most clients do not realize the price tag associated with high-end kitchen electronics. But you can make your budget work for you by expanding the kitchen to other areas of your home; not all layouts need to be conventional, so by being creative with your space and knowing your needs you can really utilize all areas of your home to help you not break the bank.
    1. In the age of quarantine and finding fun in your own home, having a space that can be turned into a game room, home theater, or even man cave has become a priority for many homeowners. Though we know basements aren’t typically here in Florida, basement remodels are among the most popular home projects today, and for good reason; they allow you to turn dead space in your home into something usable square footage. When considering the cost of drywall, painting, putting in flooring, and other essential tasks, HomeAdvisor reports that finishing your basement costs between $6,500 to $8,500.
    1. Another great renovation project for 2020 and beyond is revamping your home’s outdoor space. Costs can vary for this project as there is a wide range of upgrades available for outdoors; you can do something as simple as replacing the outdoor furniture, or do a complete overhaul and add an outdoor kitchen with a bar to match! Full-scale backyard renovations can begin at around $20,000 but can go over $100,000 depending on your design choices.
    1. Adding a room to your home is a surefire way to increase your space without purchasing an entirely new property. Depending on if you choose a new bedroom, bathroom (which is one of the most popular home additions), or even a master suite, the cost will vary based on the size of the room and the materials used.
      1. Stacey feels that this is the best value for money in terms of renovations. It really can open up your space and doesn’t just give you an extra room; it can also be an expansion of an existing room. When your family is growing, look to expansions. If you’re growing your family, on the other hand, additions may be the way to go. Overall, it gives you a chance to modernize your exterior and interior, adding to the home’s overall value.

Not every remodel can be completed a la DIY after a Home Depot haul with a little elbow grease; some renovations take time, patience, and money paired with knowledgeable help. How can you help cut down costs and determine what renovations you truly want? Stacey feels there are three ways to help feel prepared financially and aesthetically for your renovations.

  1. Do your homework. By making a list of the pieces you already have, you, in turn, have a running list of all the home items your project calls for. To take it a step further, you can split this list into two columns and assign a general value to each item. Ask yourself: “What if each of these items costs $100? $300? $500? How can they fit into my budget this way?” After asking yourself these hard questions, you can begin doing research online about realistic prices for these items, allowing you to create a budget and put you in front of your design before you even dive into the dirty work. Knowing your budget before coming to a professional will make your life and their life much, much easier. 
  2. Find solid inspiration. If you come into your renovation with a concrete idea of what you want your space to look like, you will be saving you (and your agent) time and money. Third parties (like us!) can’t solve all of your design problems; we can only create a space if we know our clients want it created. And if you can’t decide on an aesthetic, be prepared to spend extra hours of exploratory time with her to figure one out!
  3. Hire accordingly. When you hire someone that has a reputation for doing good work, you can let them take the reigns on your project and feel comfortable knowing that the project is going to be done well (and done within your budget).

All and all, renovating any part of your home is a huge step in your financial and personal life. If you have followed all of the above recommendations and are ready to take the leap, we are ready to leap with you! Contact us here, or shoot us a text using the button above!

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