Bringing on a real estate agent when you are looking to purchase a home is always going to be a power move. Let’s face it: you’re already feeling the nervousness that inevitably comes when entering the real estate market. But with an agent by your side, you will have someone on your team ready to help you through the entire process (with YOUR best interest at heart). It may seem daunting as there are tons of agencies that would love to have your listing but remember: it is all about what is best for you and your needs. And when it comes to finding a space for you and your family to flourish, what else matters?

Stacey feels that there are two essential traits that you should look for when doing your real estate agent Googling. It’s not as simple as just picking the first person you find in your area; you must do your due diligence and see what type of work the agent does, and what type of person they portray themselves to be. And guess what? We’re going to let you in on this secret because the right agent could make a world of difference when it gets down to the nitty-gritty of your home buying proceedings.


When it comes to finding a home, regardless of if you’re a longtime local or new to the scene, it is likely that an experienced agent in your area is a liiiiittle more knowledgeable about the inner workings of the real estate market than you (no matter how much research you’ve done on Zillow). This knowledge will allow you to fully explore ALL of your options in terms of neighborhoods, cities, and gated communities.

But knowledge isn’t always everything– making sure that your agent truly loves the location is integral in making sure they understand your desire to make it home. Stacey knows how this can affect the process first hand; she knows Boca, loves Boca, and has been in and out of the area since she was a young kid. She got to watch the area grow and loved it so much that she decided to move there herself! This excitement about the location makes every project all the more fun for Mosaic because we truly understand why our clients want to make a move, and we want to ensure that their love of the area only grows by working with us.


When you know (and love) the local area, it opens up a lot more options for clients in terms of buying options. But you know what can elevate this process even more? By working with an agent that understands a property’s potential. Your purchase price is just the starting point; when working with an agency like Mosaic, we can help you realize what options you have in terms of renovation, interior design, and more just by looking at the property as-is. Agents can look at the home and evaluate the work that needs to be done, which in turn can fine-tune your budget to cover all of your needs. If a home doesn’t fit all of your needs, that’s not always a good reason not to buy. We can help you see what the home could be and think outside of the box to help you check off all items on your list while staying in budget.

Whether you are the renovating type or are looking for a move-in ready space, this quick formula is sure to help you find an agent ready to navigate the market in search of your dream space. If you or someone you know is looking for interior design or realty services in the South Florida area, contact us at hello@mosaicluxe.com (or text us using the button at the top right of the screen)! We would work with you on your next project and if we can’t get your job done, we can refer you to someone who can!

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