Math wise, it’s 11 inches.

Stools are measured from the floor to their seat height.

Counter height stools will range from 23” – 28”

Bar height stools range from 28” – 32”

And if you were wondering if it really matters which one you get, it does.  Those few inches may not sound like a lot, but in real life sitting situations, it makes all the difference in comfortability in terms of dining seating.

People always say, “we need barstools.” Yet, 99% of the time, they need counter stools for their homes. A trend about 20 years back had been to build up the counter to bar height, but as “in-home bars” are not as popular in 2020, consumer stools are more relegated to the kitchen.
Therefore, I feel like you can’t talk about counter stools without talking about the kitchen island.  A quick history recap:  100 years ago, the kitchen was in the back of the house, used for prep.  When Frank Lloyd Wright gave us the first open floor plan and Julia Child inspired us to cook, the island became a gathering spot for family, friends, and neighbors. Cooking became cool and stools provided VIP seating.

Now that we know the height and the right terminology about function, we can talk about form. I personally divide them into these four deciders: (1) swivel or not swivel (2) with backs or without backs (3) with arms or without arms (4) wood, metal or upholstered.

The above decision seems slightly silly in the scheme of “big important decisions” but, funny enough, these are big choices.  I think kitchen stools get some of the most tush attention from everyone, every day whether it’s at a breakfast bar or island counter.

Once we know where we stand on the above, styles and options are the obvious next step. There are so many great options out there to choose from.  For each project we work on, we are always able to find that great stool for the family to gather around for the kitchen’s interior design.

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