As the owner of an interior design firm in Boca Raton, taking time off once seemed daunting and almost impossible. But over the years I’ve managed to perfect the art of hanging up the “Gone Fishin’” sign and am now able to close down for 3 weeks before the beginning of the fall season.

But, it’s no easy task to shut down. Here I’ll share with you my tips for taking a much-needed break from your business.


Choose when you’d like to be closed and start preparing early.
For example, I close the 3 weeks leading up to labor day.  This is so important. For me, I start to plan for my time off right after Memorial Day weekend.


Clients, vendors, your team, friends. Keep status updates and meetings on point. This goes without saying, but really, make sure that you have all loose ends tied up before your vacay or you’ll kick yourself when you have to work during it. Make lists, check them 3 times, assign tasks that need to be completed, pick up the phone and call your clients.  An important element is setting a meeting for when you reopen with each of your clients before you close. 


When Mosaic Luxe shuts down our design team takes a much-needed break from their usual tasks. But we schedule a fun all-in project, like social media management or new marketing strategies, to keep our brains working.

The privilege of this goes without saying, but the rewards have blown me away. While many people think that I take this time solely to escape, I actually do it to stay on top of everything and remain deadline driven and motivated throughout the year. In our industry a good reputation is essential and being known for meeting deadlines and exceeding expectations is everything. By closing our office for 3-weeks I accomplish this and the team gets a break. We all return fresh and ready to take on the next season.

In reality, I do it to stay on top of everything and make sure ML’s team and reputation are known for meeting deadlines and understand how to close business, whether for a few weeks or the completion of a project.

For others, I was able to take time and go home, help my mom prep our house to put it up for sale, see all my friends for long visits, get some needed paperwork completed for Mosaic Luxe. For myself, I’ve been able to get a few days of vacation and all the luxuries of quiet time.

This time has been so beneficial for Mosaic to grow and feel fresh. As soon as we start up in the fall, we will pick a date near the winter holidays to do this exercise again.